NissanConnect EV api

I’m trying to get batterystatus from my Leaf to manage a chargeplan.
I got nissan to send email about batterystatus and got the status thanks to you guys… …but the mail rarely comes.

However, i found this tread in „Home Assistant“

is this possible in IP-Symcon?

So i found a php script that worked …kind of… .
I can get my batterystatus on command and my goal is achieved.

…but now i want more :slight_smile: i want to get the location of my car, so i can turn on heater based on the car`s location.

My php skills are level 4/100 so i need some explaining what this script does.

Does anyone with Nissan Leaf know the correct query for location?

I get this response:

An error occurred: Non-JSON response received for request to ‚MyCarFinderRequest.php‘. Response received: "\n\n404 Not Found\n\nNot Found\nThe requested URL /api_v210707_NE/gdc/MyCarFinderRequest.php was not found on this server.\n\n"string(2) „50“

when: $nissanConnect->getLocation(); is added to the code: