New English user

I have several FHT80b’s connected to my computer via a FHZ1300PC interface. The original software I received with the interface is all in German so is difficult for me to use. I purchased ipsymcon 3 as it appeared to all be in English. The program is but all the manuals and instructions are not so it makes (even making a posting to this forum) things quite difficult. Could someone please give me a simple step by step guide to how I get my FHT80b’s into the program so I can program them with various times and temperatures as that is all I want to do at this point. I have tried adding an instance of an FHT80b - and am not sure what to enter for location and if I leave it blank and go onto the configuration it does not allow me to enter the 4 digit address. Would appreciate some help! Thanks

Here is the google translation for your problem. I hope it makes any sense to you.

I’ve the german language installed and don’t know exactly where you’ve found „location“. If I’m right this is where it should be placed in your tree for a better overview. So it shouldn’t harm if you leave it empty.

[Edit]Hey… just found the language switch to the manual. Never used it before :smiley: [/Edit]