Navigierbare Variabelen


I have a (hopefully) relatively simple feature requests as far as the mobile apps are concerned.

I would like to use variables or links to variables to navigate to other objects and at the same time be able to present a useful summary or preview of the underlying information.

Example: an alarms variable that shows the number of reports and allows the user to navigate to a list of reports:

Other use case: a variable that shows actual energy consumption and allows the user to navigate to a list of consumers or a set of graphs. This could be useful in many ways.

I am not sure if this will work well with the stacked horizontal navigation in the WebFront. Personally I do not find the WebFront navigation very scalable. A hierarchy of three or more levels deep becomes very distractive. I would rather like to have a navigation similar to the mobile app, with the ability to have a fixed top level navigation in the top of the view and a split view navigation below (navigation elements on the left and the view of some piece of content on the right).

Mockup (without the horizontal top navigation):

A bit like the Loxone app:

loxone app.jpg

That’s another feature request :wink: .

In theory this is a very nice idea. Though, there is a small problem which we need to tackle.

Having variables with profiles like Color Wheel, Circle Slider and Enumeration already use the „go into“ metapher.
Any ideas?


You can already today change the name of a category for example from „alarm“ to „alarm 3“. Underneath - as this is a category - you can find more detailed information.

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