myHomeControl/EnOcean users


First things first, forgive me for posting in English, my German isn’t that good. The German community seems to be more active than the English community.
Currently I’m using myHomeControl for my home automation system and looking for ways to migrate from myHomeControl to IP-Symcon, if this is possible. Are there any users who made the switch, and can tell me how they moved from myHomeControl to IP-Symcon?
You can find more info on myHomeControl here.


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IP-Symcon supports EnOcean and a number of EnOcean Gateways.

Therefore, the devices that have been listed as compatible by IP-Symcon should all be able to be used with IP-Symcon.
What kind of EnOcean gateway is currently used?

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Thank you for your reply. I’m using a „ProJET TCM 310 LAN“ EnOcean Gateway. I would like to try IP-Symcon concurrently with myHomeControl, so I could configure IP-Symcon gradually before making the switch from myHomeControl to IP-Symcon. Unfortunately this isn’t possible, the ProJET only accepts one connection, not two connections simultanously.

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Which system do you want to use to try out IP-Symcon? Are you sure that only one connection with the EnOcean LAN gateway can be used? Otherwise, a USB stick for EnOcean would be an alternative or if a Raspberry should be available for testing, a Raspberry Pi Enocean module would be an option to try out.

I already installed IP-Symcon on a Windows 10 virtual machine. All my light switches, dimmers, shutters are EnOcean devices, mostly OPUS, some Eltako. I’m not sure how to add or teach/learn any switch/dimmer in IP-Symcon.
If both myHomeControl and IP-Symcon are running one of them receives an „connection refused“ error message.
I do have a .csv file of all devices present in myHomeControl.