Moving Homeputer code to ip-symcon

I have written a software to control the house using the Moeller Homeputer Studio (control lighting, scenes, control heating).
My question is: whether it is possible to move directly from Homeputer code to ip-symceon?
Does the code of operation of the program should write again?
Best regards
Janusz L.

You will need to start again from scratch. There is no interoperability between IP-Symcon and Homeputer.

But your possibilities with IP-Symcon are a lot better :slight_smile:


Otherwise: Writing a graphical user interface will take me a lot of time at HP.
Tell me, links Screenshot of your website - are the templates without needing to change graphics.

After configuring all devices in IP-Symcon you will have the generic interface called WebFront. It is created automatically and the design is the way you can see it on the screenshot page. A live demo is available here:


Can you envelop more detail and indicate the web link to a description of the generator?