[Module]Plugwise, counters wrong after IP-Symcon V6.2 upgrade

I log the energy consumption of 33 plugwise circles with the Plugwise module. After the installation of IP-Symcon V.62, the counters for the consumption keep getting corrupted. See Attachment.

How can I downgrade IP-Symcon to V6.1?

The easiest way to downgrade is to use your backup. For which OS do you need the version? I would try to get you a direct link ASAP otherwise.


Interesting thing. I am facing same issue here.
My Plugwise was running perfectly since ever. But since couple of month (Iam on 6.2 Beta) I can see sometimes corrupted results as well. Actual power consumtion is also sometimes currupt.
Initially I thought this is local issue only, but seems this is not the case.

I only made a backup of the Programdata\Symcon folder. Please send a direct link for Windows.



The same for me, since the last update for me also incorrect.

Downgrade to IP-Symcon V6.1 solved the problem.

Actually the downgrade solved the problem. Thanks.