[Module] Bang and Olufsen module


I’ve made a first version of a B&O module to support new B&O and BeoPlay devices. Only devices with IP support are supported.

It is my first module, if i can make it better, let me know!

Whats work:

[li] Turn on and off[/li][li] Volume[/li][li] Show current artist and song/radio station[/li][li] Select source (even linked sources)[/li][li] Play, Stop, Pause, forward, back[/li][li] Support multiple B&O devices[/li][li] Wake On Lan for BeoVision TV’s to be turned on[/li][/ul]


[li] Show up coming song in playlist[/li][li] Auto detect Devices in network[/li][li] …[/li][/ul]

Install Device and give IP and Port of the device.

Please give it a try: GitHub - herwinjan/IPS_BO: Bang Olufsen Symcon Module