Modbus variable not visible in WebFront


Does anyone know why my modbus variable do not have the trending icon in the WebFront. I am logging the variables and I can see them in the archive handler.

I now use the following script to write the values in Float’s to see them in the webfront.

$temp1 = GetValueFloat(„18428“);
SetValueFloat(„Float2“, $temp1 );

$temp2 = GetValueFloat(„44700“);
SetValueFloat(„Float3“, $temp2 );

$temp3 = GetValueFloat(„42568“);
SetValueFloat(„Float1“, $temp3 );



Is that the original script without change?
That could never work with the quotes!
To display in WebFront is also necessary that the variables have a profile. Have you thought about?
Please copy the script, what you’re using right here.

Hello Nancilla,

It is a copy/paste of the script and it is working. The problem lies more in the fact that the modbus variables are light grey

$temp1 = GetValueFloat("18428");
SetValueFloat("Float2", $temp1 );

$temp2 = GetValueFloat("44700");
SetValueFloat("Float3", $temp2 );

$temp3 = GetValueFloat("42568");
SetValueFloat("Float1", $temp3 );
///echo $temp1 , $temp2 , $temp3;



The object is gray, because it has

a) no variable profile
b) the hidden option enabled


I was the hidden option, thx!!!

Now i dont need the script any more. schade… i was so proud of it:D