Missing folders

I have newly downloaded Ip Symcon version 6.1 but in my symcon folder C: directory the folder modules, logs and backup are missing. I think they are automatically created when we install and authenticate IpS

Since version 5.3, the user specific data is found in C:\ProgramData\Symcon and not with the program data any more, making backups a lot easier.

Yes i can see that for my other systems but for the new one the above mentioned files are missing in C:\ProgramData\Symcon. Should i re install it or there is some other solution for this

Are you sure, that you are in C:\ProgramData and not maybe in C:\Program Files which the new default installation path is? If you see an ips.exe you are probably in the wrong path.


I am exactly in C:\Program Files \ Symcon . Unfortunately i can see an ips.exe in this folder and other folders suchs as scripts ,exe etc but not modules , backup and logs

If you are in the Program Files folder, you are at the wrong location. The user specific data is in C:\ProgramData\Symcon. The easiest way to get there is via the Tray Icon → Information → Open next to the Server Data path. If you want to go there via explorer, consider that the ProgramData folder is hidden and you possibly need to update your folder settings to display hidden folders

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