Message display in IPSView in new Version

Sorry that I am writing in English.
I am looking for a solution like this in the ver. 3.3.6651 of IPS-Studio.
I want to open a specific page of my IPSview based on an event automatically.
and If it possible please provide me also the command which I can use to open a specif page of a IPS view from IPS.
For example, the commands „WFC_PushNotification“ and „WFC_PushNotificationEx“ have targetId which I can use to open a specific page of a webfront.
How can I achieve this in IPS view?
best regards

Currently Push Notifications for IPSView doesnt provide a possibility to open a specific page. But you can use the remote control for Views to switch to a specific page.

I have shown an example for popups in my Blog:

This works also for Inline Pages.