Making message time difference between client and server optional?


Many years ago, I already reported that IPS does not handle time differences between different time zones very well. For years, I had to anticipate for the time difference between Portugal and the Netherlands. I am already used to this and I understand what it means and when it occurs.

As of 5.x I am getting an orange warning saying that there is a time difference between server and client. Nice to be warned about this once or twice, maybe three times but every time is for me to much. Is it possible to disable the information message regarding the time difference? If it is how can I do this?


At the moment there is no easy native possibility. You could try using AdBlock to always „remove“ the header.


Hi Paresy,

Sounds complicated using Addblocker…

Can you please note it as a ‚nice to have‘ functionality to switch it of?

Have a nice weekend!