Making Installing Bonjour Service optional

Hi Paresy,

Every time I do an update I also get the installation of the Bonjour Service. After the upgrade I uninstall the Bonjour Service because I dont do anything with it. The reason} after installing the Bonjour Service it starts to generate traffic and keeps doing this even when you dont use it (i don`t like this). Therefore I uninstalled it straight away!

Can you please make installing something like the Bonjour service optional during the installation process.


Can you try to disable it instead of uninstalling?

Uninstalling should make your IP-Symcon crash on start due to missing Dlls. Or - because IP-Symcon is running it won’t uninstall properly.



but maybe that could be an option during the installation phase to disable the service right afterwards? I’m not a big fan of this apple hassle and would appreciate keeping the mission critical server tidy. :wink: