Lots of "Connect" errors. Timeout was reached

Recently I receive lots of „Connect“ errors. Anyone else seeing this? It disconnects and reconnects.

No-one? It’s a bit strange its disconnect and connects in a second.

Can you maybe try to enable the „ConnectWatch“ special switch and post the more detailed logs? This looks very uncommon.


A little update: I enabled „ConnectWatch“ this morning. Will get back with more info. :wink:

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Logs with „ConnectWatch“ enabled.

The Debug logs are contained in the real „logfile.log“. Can you maybe send it to me via PM?


Hi Dennis,

it looks like the connection is „stalling“ or IP-Symon is not able to make a loopback request to ipmagic.de. Do you maybe have a firewall enabled that i blocking access to ipmagic.de from IP-Symcon?

You could try to disable the loopback check by setting the special switch ConnectCheck to 0?


I’m using an UniFi Gateway Lite (UXG-Lite), with only the default firewall rules configured. It started a few weeks ago, not sure why. I’ll take a look at the firewall logs later, the firewall logs aren’t available in the GUI. I’ve heard about „Hairpin NAT“ issues with UniFi Gateway Lite (UXG-Lite) , maybe that’s related?

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If I change „ConnectCheck“ to 0, I don’t get any warnings. However that only removes the warning, not the issue, isn’t it?

I am not sure. If there is not issue, then this will solve the problem for you. If the warnings are gone but connect goes stale, then we need to search again.


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