Lost my symcon config

A while ago (a week, maybe 2) I found out that my disk with symcon on it was full because there were a bunch of new files added by Dropbox. I used ‚selective sync‘ in Dropbox to remove some files, all seemed well on the machine itself. Then yesterday or the day before, I noticed that I had lost my webfront. So I log on to the management console, my whole config is gone. I then go to the ‚backup‘ folder in my symcon directory - all files 3kb big, with the same content, 9 of them (so not hitting the 25 limit). My scripts do seem to still be there (in the ‚scripts‘ folder).

So, how do I restore my configuration? Please don’t tell me symcon can’t even deal with a disk full situation and will happily overwrite old backups with empty ones?

We do disable Logging on an „disk full situation“. But if any process is eating up all the space, we are not able to write your settings properly. And every night IP-Symcon will make a backup of the invalid settings file. But that does not explain, why you only have 9 backup files. You should have had 25. Don’t you have any backups you can recover from?


No, no other backups, so the first thing I’m going to set up now is a scheduled task that will backup the setting file to dropbox every day :confused:

What happens in the daily backup process on disk full? Could it be any chance look for the the amount of existing backups, if > 25 delete the oldest, then try to open a new one to write the backup to, and only then detect ‚whoops I can’t write any more‘? In such a case there would be a race between all processes for that 10kb or so that is freed after the first delete…