Lexell IHC

Many years ago I made a system of IHC (Schneider Electric).
Now, I consider the visualization.
Does anyone know if and what is required to perform it in the IPS?

Janusz L.

Never heard of it. Does it have any PC-Interface? Is the used protocol public?


Hi Toni,
I found a web page for IHC Software Kit
IHC Software Kit

There is no open protocol for it. And using ActiveX like the sourceforge project does will be a very difficult and nasty job.


I have not found yet the information about an open protocol for IHC …
Thank you.

I think, you dont know the SATEL alarm system, because it is a Polish product.
However, could you help me?
Satel has RS-232 interface for systems integration:
INT-RS RS-232 interface for systems integration, RS-232-interface-for-systems-integration.
Can we do something about it in the IPS?

The protocol seems to be well described.

You can use the IPS serial interface to talk to your hardware in a script. How to do it with an Denon Receiver is shown [http://www.ip-symcon.de/forum/f52/denon-avr-2805-ip-symcon-ueber-comport-8044/"]here. The way to do something over ethernet ist very similar and perhaps helpfull. Description is german but most important thing - the script itself - is in PHP. :wink:


thanks Tony