Launch a designer form

Evening All,

I have tried to launch a form today without luck - My shortcut looks like this „C:\path_to\ips_console.exe“ / 3773 /form: 28413

Where 28413 is the formID.

He startsup fine without that I have to select server and port but he never launch the form 28413. It seems like doesn’t care about the switch /form : 28413

Running version IPS 2.1

Any tip ?

Thanks in advanced

Try this please:

C:\path_to\ips_console.exe / /form:28413 /cache

without space between the form and the id.


Thank you so much for your promt answere, worked like charm. He also created a folder named „cache“. I though you had to include the port.

Fine. The cache load the form faster.:wink:

You can add the port, but you need to add a semicolon as a seperator:

C:\path_to\ips_console.exe / /form:28413 /cache