KNX DPT 7 ( EIS 10 ) send a specific value through the bus

Hi everyone ,

I need some help how to configure Ip-Symcon to send a specific value through the bus to a specific knx address .

I have a KNX Arcus-Eds IMPZ1 interface ( 1 channel impulse counter ) , for the consumption reading data no problem , but I would like to create on the webfront a space how to insert a password and send it trought the bus to reset the consumtion .

I don’t know how to manage that … someone can help me please ?

Thank you

What have you tried already? At which point are you stuck?


Hi Paresy …

I am to a dead point … :banghead:

Try using an action script for the String variable. That should enable you to input a password. In the script you can react on the input und evaluate it. (see $_IPS[‚VALUE‘])



Hi everyone ,

after a couple of weeks I could finish writing the script to reset the KNX counter .

Reset works properly, but there is a strange error message on the popup … can someone explain me how I can fix that ?