Issues with slider (iPad)

I have integrated xComfort with symcon.
I have set up the dimmers to be controlled by sliders in the app on my iPad.

When i use the slider betveen 1% and 99% it seemes like everything is working correct.
But when i try to dim straight to 0% or 100% nothing happens.
The problem only occurs when i use the app on the iPad.
When i control the dimmers through WebFront on the webpage everything seemes to work.

Does anyone have the same problem, or have a solution?


We have heared of this problem once before… But we could never reproduce the issue on our end :frowning:


That is strange :confused:
If you’ve only heard of this issue once before, i believe that not everyone with ipad can experience the problem.

I have an update regarding the matter.
Adjusting the dimmer works excellent on iPhone, android phone and web page.


I think i have figured it out…

It seems like I’ve operated the slider with „speed“ when I’ve tested on the iPad and not on the phone.
It seems that the problem occurs when you set the slider below or above the set point?..
Something that i believe could happen if you change the setpoints from 0% to 100% or 100% to 0% fast.

:banghead: :smiley: