IPSview questions

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Hi all, I recently started to use IPSView and I have a couple of questions:

In Viewdesigner
Define the specific settings for the device you are using.

Does this mean I can only use one type of device?

The only „view“ that looks usable on all my devices (iPad, iPhone, webbrowser) is the universal setting. Other settings mess up the looks on all the devices. Does this mean that IPSview cannot detect the device it’s being used on and thus cannot scale correctly?

In Viewdesigner
When selecting Clients, to add/import the selected view to a client by scanning the QR code only opens the the app ipsview on the iPhone/ipad. It does not use/create/import any settings in the QR code to do automatic config.

Adding mediastream (Not supported in webbrowser, I just found that out)
Media stream does show on iPad and iPhone. But not in a webbrowser (Safari or Firefox)
Message: ImageCodeExeption: Failed to load Network image. Than it points to https://flutter.dev/docs/etc… (only displayed in Safari, FF does not show anything.

At the moment I am using a docker version of Symcon.
IP-Symcon 6.3, Ubuntu (Docker) (amd64), 09-02-2023.
IPSView 6.0.21
IPSview Blue Template

The client automatically zooms the view to the size of the device, alternatively you can also use „Resize option“ on the main page.

The selection of a specific client is no longer necessary, this has more historical reasons.

Scanning the barcode should open the IPSView Client (iOS and Android) and automatically set the connection settings.

Unfortunately, streams in the WebClient are currently not supported.

Let me add some additional images.

I have set the settings in viewdesigner to universal. It will use other settings as well. But these make it even more messier.

Last image is screenshot from an iphone.