IPS sample project (including code) accessible with IPS MC

I went to L&B yesterday and have seen a perfect sample of the use of IPS (thanks Michel & Eddi). On the way back to Holland I came up with the following idea/question.

I don’t have a programmer’s background so for me reading all the samples on the forum and translating them to my personal use takes a long time, too long! I looked at screenshots, read manuals, even the php manual’s, tried some sample code, but still I have to put a lot of time into IPS. I want to get results and I want to get them quicker. I think this can be done, with your help!

Is it an idea to open up a sample site/project, accessible read-only for ips-customers, where we can browse through a sample project (Location Tree, Web-front etc). Too see and learn from how you, or others that want to contribute to it, have developed nice things with IPS. It would be like I am connecting with IPS Management Console (MC) into your project and could browse through it readonly(objects, code, hardware setup etc) and learn from it.

Creating objects would not be possible, of course. The sample project needs a lot of connected hardware en a lot of the code samples that are now scattered over the forum. Bringing it together in one and opening it up to customers would be a great help to me, and maybe also to other newbies.

I know about the ‘Smarthome’ site but this only gives a view of the webfront possibilities and not how you have done it. The greenpoint sample on the L&B is a lot better if I may say, take this one!

Anyone else think this would be a good idea :confused:?


at least a working demo even for non-customers would be nice. As there is no „test-version“ of iP-Symcon, providing a running iP-Symcon server where anyone can connect to would be nice.

I’m not sure if a „real“ server with connected hardware would make sense - I think you’ll have to be able to touch the hardware, if you really want to play with it.



I am happy that you also think this would be nice

That will also work for me, but it would be nice if some of the hardware is simulated. This will give a good example of the possibilities. Looking at the L&B exhibition last week there was a perfect running demo environment with camera, switches, etc. something that would take me years to develope…:frowning:

At least hookup some of the ELV equipment (I think ELV will be happy to sponsor this) and the energy measuring equipment from IP-Symcon. Also 1-wire products are cheap and easy to hook up…

Include some of the example code scattered around the forum (like the alarm clock from ferengi master) and you have a perfect sample project.

To make it easy let people logon to it, saves making a sample test environment in IPS (saves time and money on developement). Michael knows about all the customers that have a subscription, use this to let them logon (i am happy to pay € 40 a year if i would have this demo enviorement). Improvement etc can be posted on the forum and makes it a perfect showcase for the next exhibition… LOL

Robert (:loveips:)