nach dem letzten Update hat sich das neue Modul IPPower installiert. Nun, was für eine Funktion hat dieses Modul?

Gruß Luggi

… 4-fach 230V Steckdose „over IP“


Preis ca. € 150,-

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IP Power 9258
The IP 9258 can be controlled over TCP/IP network using generic Ethernet or Web browser without any software
skill. Each independent outlet can be switched ON, OFF or Booted (OFF- delay-ON). IP9258 can supply
maximum up to 7A/250VAC or 10A/120VAC Power. Uses internationally standard IEC 320 Inlet/Outlet connectors
that make it easy to use anywhere in the world using locally available PC cables and adapters.
Main features of IP Power 9258 :

  1. Network Server reboot – can remote control to reboot the power on for the PC or Server at remote site , no
    need send
    someone to get the job done at the scene to save time and manpower.
  2. Network AC Power Control – can control and operate the High Power switch on / off via Internet / Ethernet,
    even the
    Consumer Electronic 110V / 220 V Products .
  3. Timer Power Switch – can pre-set the time schedule to turn power on / off thru Internet / Ethernet.
  4. WAP Mobile Phone Control – can use the GPRS cell phone via WAP to control
  5. Open Code Customization – provided Source Code for user to modify to fit it’s own system application.
  6. SNMP - supports
  7. SDK - provided
    Webpage ( http.) Command - allows end-user easily to modify into its own Webpage to command
    VB / VC – Firmware always update and can be update in Internet.

    Mechanical & Outlook
    1.EC 320 Connector design, 1 of Male type Inlet (power in), 4 of Female type Outlet (Power output switch via
  1. Installs with standard PC power cords.
  2. Total power control up to 10A/120VAC, 10A/240VAC, 7A/250VAC.
  3. 1 of AC Power rocker switch with light .
  4. 4 LED power switch status indicator.8
  5. 1 RJ45 for Ethernet control.
  6. 1 RS232 for UART control
  7. Dimension 220mmx120mmX45mm,Metal CASE design,
  8. Operating Temperature: 0°C to 55°C; Controller dissipates 5 watts max.
    Network function
  9. Web server design, can be used through the Ethernet or Internet network without computer.
  10. Support HTTP and DHCP/IP protocol. Windows SDK available.
  11. Security password identify to be sure system stability .
  12. Watchdog design to avoid network abnormal interruptions.
  13. Timer and scheduler design, power can be booted by program.
  14. Online update firmware available if necessary.