IP Symcon working with FHT80B but what's next?

I have succeeded with the installation of IP-Symcon on my windows server 2003 R2 and have added my two FHT80B’s to the FHT1300PC interface.

I can now see them both in the location tree and watch the variables.

But… what’s next? There doesn’t seem to be much newbie tutorial information on how to go about after this? Much information in the wiki talks of windows and stuff which I can’t find in the software. Because the wiki concerns version 1 and I have the latest version myself?

I would like to be able to view and control my thermostats (and future other FS20 devices) in a graphical environment but how do I do that?

And should I use any additional, must have/should have/nice to have software like for example IpsHomeControl?

Can perhaps someone help me with some links to up-to-date information or starting points?


You can not control the thermostats. You only can set parameters in the FHT80b and watch it do the control stuff. What the FHT80b is able to do can be found in the manual.

IPS is quite complete. You don’t need any additional software but there is some you may want to have a look on. You can find Infos about IPSHomeControl here: IPSHomeControl.


Hi Tony,

Setting parameters in the FHT80B is exactly what I mean with controlling it. But I can’t find much information on how to create an graphical environment. I mean with that, a visual representation of a FHT80B with sliders for temperature etc.

En some drawing of the rooms in my house with corresponding devices and status and so on. I only have the logical tree view now in IP Symcon.

Sorry, I’m totally new to domotica and IP-Symcon. And much docu also here on this forum is in german which is hard to search in because I don’t know the right keywords :o

Have a look at the RRD-Tool which comes with the WIIPS (Web-Interface for IPS) or the SQLite DUG-Tool which seems to be a bit easier. Both are projects done by IPS-Users who do the support for their themselve.

if you want to have a floorplan you have should have a look at the Designer which is for easy frontend designing. It is as much as powerfull as the several web frontends but can not be handled in a browser. You’ll need a viewer for that. The Designer itself is viewer and designing tool in one. But there is a standalone viewer available too … somewhere. :wink: :smiley: The Designer is supported by the IPS-Team.


I feel like a total moron, but I can’t find the designer?? Is it the same as the dashboard? Are there perhaps any tutorials for that part?

And am I correct in the assumption that IpsHomeControl can do a floorplan also? On the site of the tool I can’t quite put my finger on what IpsHomeControl exactly is and which enhancement value it has to IP-Symcon.

My goal in the end is to be able to view/control my ‚home‘ from a distance using my smartphone (windows phone 6.5) via the internet.

I will look into the tools you mention. Thanks!

yes it is :rolleyes:, in V1 it’s the Designer and in V2 it’s the dashboard

Ooops… since IPS2.0 the Designer is called Dashboard… sorry… your’re right…

All systems can provide you a floorplan. Its a question of your skills and fantasy… :wink:

The Dashboard in a drag&drop kind of way and the several webinterfaces use HTML and PHP.

Well, I’m an experienced C# .NET web developer so I don’t doubt those skills, but I am a noob concerning IP-Symcon and php :smiley:

I hope I can think of the correct german keywords to find somes tutorial/guides to the dashboard and creating a floorplan en controlling my environment.

Perhaps I should look in to the web service which IP-Symcon provides and continue to write in C# :cool:

Thanks for your reply and help.

You can download a working C# example here:
SDK/Tools - IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware


Thanks for the tip. I’m sure it will be helpful to start from.