IP Symcon via command line on Linux


on windows with version 3.4 there was a command line tool which allowed setting of IP Symcon variables.
Does anything like that exist in ver 4 on Linux? I haven’t found anything in /usr/bin…

On Windows/with ver 3 I used to power up the USB drive prior backup of my server and power it down after backup finished, from a script performing the backup. I’d like to do the same on Linux / ver 4

You can use the JSON RPC API.

I can’t find the example right know, but you are able to make a JSON-RPC call by using curl and throwing the request directly at our API :wink:



Im not sure if i understand correctly what you want…but if you want to set variables in IP-Symcon by a shell command (eg bash script) in linux, you can use curl (as mentioned by DerStandart and paresy).

Informations about JSON RPC and curl could be found here (section „Variablen verändern“):
Datenaustausch — IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware

//SetValue Integer mit den Parametern ID = 12345 und Wert = 42
curl -i -X POST -H „Content-Type: application/json“ -d „{„jsonrpc“: „2.0“, „id“: „0“, „method“: „SetValue“, „params“: [12345, 42]}“ http://<mail%40provider.de>:<Passwort>@<IP>:3777/api/

//SetValue Float mit den Parametern ID = 12346 und Wert = 1.23
curl -i -X POST -H „Content-Type: application/json“ -d „{„jsonrpc“: „2.0“, „id“: „0“, „method“: „SetValue“, „params“: [12346, 1.23]}“ http://<mail%40provider.de>:<Passwort>@<IP>:3777/api/

//SetValue Boolean mit den Parametern ID = 12347 und Wert = false
curl -i -X POST -H „Content-Type: application/json“ -d „{„jsonrpc“: „2.0“, „id“: „0“, „method“: „SetValue“, „params“: [12347, false]}“ http://<mail%40provider.de>:<Passwort>@<IP>:3777/api/

//SetValue String mit den Parametern ID = 12348 und Wert = „mein String“
curl -i -X POST -H „Content-Type: application/json“ -d „{„jsonrpc“: „2.0“, „id“: „0“, „method“: „SetValue“, „params“: [12348, „mein String“]}“ http://<mail%40provider.de>:<Passwort>@<IP>:3777/api/

//Rückgabewert bei Erfolg

Another option is using WebHook and a own script >> WebHook Control — IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware

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Yes, this is what I need.
Thanks for answers.