IP-Symcon users in Sweden

Hi IPS users in Sweden. I would like to get in contact with other Swedish IPS users. I really enjoy working with my IPS system integrated with Homematic and IRTrans so far. I am sending messages with GMail and SMS with Clickatel. Today I have control over one camera (IRCam), one TV and a HiFi Audio System (only script sending IR codes controlling ON/OFF and volume). IRTrans also controll My Panasonic Inverter (Luftvärmepump). Of course i have integrateted som ordinary Homematic products (temperature sensors and actors for controlling 230 VAC and ligths).

If you speak swedish and are using IP-Symcon, please say hello and write/post a short message here.

Swedish: Det skulle vara trevligt att lära känna andra IPS-användare som kan utbyta kunskap med varandra. Förhoppningsvis är jag inte den första användaren i Sverige :slight_smile:

MVH /DI från Stockholm

Skickat från min Nexus 7 via Tapatalk 2