Ip symcon to Digital meter

I have a question how can you
Connect ip symcon to Digital meter and read out the smart meter

do you have a smart meter with SML (Smart Meter Language)? If have a smart meter with an optical (IR) SML interface and use a Hichi sensor (complete around €30 in ebay) with Tasmota and the Tasmota modul.


I have this one

do you have a manual or the device name? On similar meter the customer interface is behind flap. In this case perhaps the yellow one. I did not find anything about the interface only that it must be unlocked.


yes this one has two ports S1 and P1 which you can see here

perhaps this
helps. I read a bit and it seems that you need some kind of PC, perhaps RaspBerryPI, near the meter.


and how can you make this ip symcon display and save

There are some projects to connect this meter via wifi
and some more.
If you get Wifi → Symcon running it’s near done.

This makes it a bit easier:
You don’t have to write a script in Symcon, this project does the decoding and push it to a mqtt-broker (symcon)

yes i have rasberry pi with 8gb there it says ubuntu server 20.04.5 LTS with different security