IP-Symcon - English?


I’ve just finished building my house, and I’m looking for a way to integrate the diffrent systems into one.
IP-Symcon seems to be the ideal choise for my needs, as I’m using both xComfort and 1-Wire systems.
I’ve allso got a Komfovent ventilation system.

However, as far as I can understand from the webpages, IP-Symcon is only available in German.
Are there any plans for an English translation?
Can I donate somewhere to get a translation started?

I don’t read German too well, but it seems that this software has a strong user community and is developed by many different people?

The software itself is in english and has a german translation. Only the documentation is in german.

The software is beeing actively developed by CSS, which sells the software. But as you already have seen, we have a strong community with a lot a projects build around IP-Symcon. Due to the architecture which is using PHP as a scripting engine, everyone can build own scripts, which can be shared.


but it seems that this software has a strong user community and is developed by many different people?

There is a kind of plugin-interface for developers who want to write own modules. Perhaps thats why it seems a bit like that too.

And yes, there is a strong community :wink:


I too am a newbie on this forum. I have recently bought the FHZ 1300PC together with IP Symcon software because it seems much more flexible than Homeputer (in having a web interface and all to which I can communicatie with self written software since I am a .net developer myself) and indeed it’s an english version.

I am quite sure I will have questions but my first question… Is it allowed to ask questions here in english and equeally important can you guys read english? I am from the Netherlands and though I can read the german language well enough, I don’t think you guys will be happy with my german writing :smiley:


Hello and welcome to the IPS Forum.

So, have a look at our english section :wink:

General Discussion - IP-Symcon Community Forum


Well, I did. And there are not many posts there :frowning:

But you can post and ask there in english and you can help english users there. Thats what its for… :smiley: Perhaps an english speaking user only needs a translation for a already existing solution.

When I have enough experience myself to be able to help other with questions, I certainly will :wink:

What I meant with few entries is that that part of the forum is perhaps not very well visited? So I can ask questions there. But are there people who read them.

Well, we’ll see I guess :cool:.

I hope my hardware and software will arrive this week. I have bought some FHT 80B’s to start my journey in home automation.

I find that there is not much information on FS20 technology concerning which choices to make. It took me quite some time to figure out what I needed

-FHZ 1300PC
-FHT 80B

for my heating to operate standalone but also could be controlled from a computer. I hope I made the right choice. I almost bought the FHZ 1000 thermostat too, but luckilly found out in time it can not be controlled by computer.

This world, however fascinating it may be, knows a steep learning curve :cool:

english posts are treated like any others in iSpy or the „whats new“ view (Neue Beiträge), which I prefer.

The FHT heating extension set usually provides all you need for a nice price. I don’t know whats the 8W is for… But I have no FHT also. :rolleyes:

But, as you probably already know, the FHT ist a bit fickle. You have to be patient with it. That may mean waiting for several hours until it works properly.


I indeed have read it does have it’s peculiarities, but it also seems the best solution possible for a modest budget.

The 8W is a device which can operate the heating valve. It can read the data from all 80B’s and evaluate if heat is needed and then operate the heating valve (which must be open otherwise no heat is sens to the radiators :D). With this my heating can operate by itself without the mandatory use of a computer.

I have asked a couple of questions in this section in the mean time so who knows which answers I shall find here :cool:

And no one translated the documentation on English language yet?
There is no the documentation in english language , even unofficially?