Ip-symcon and xcomfort system

My question concerns the ip-symcon for xcomfort:
Are there any known restriction of ip-symcon system with the programming for the xcomfort system?

Unfortunately I do not know the German language. So, I will noit read on this forum about xcomfort.
Currently, I am going to exchange the control program written in Homeputer. I decided to ip-symcon. Is it already tested platform for xcomfort

Thanks for suggestions.
Janusz L.

it runs perfect, my whole house is fitted with xcomfort components and ips controlls it all. there are modules for switches, dimmers, sensors, etc.

thank you for the information

i use ipsymcon / ipshomecontrol and xcomfort with round about 80 actors (switch, buttons, room manager, room controller and so on) without problems.

only some months i must disconnect and reconnect my usb gateways from silex (usb to lan), but this is not a ipsymcon problem.

I’ve used Homeputer and xcomfort with about 150 actors (2 gateways).
I hope It will not be problems with IPS and two gateways
Janusz L.

i use to 2 gateways - it works good.