Ip-symcon and iPhone

I’ve seen the description about The software „HomeMatic touch“ from Mohn-Indivdualsoftware
But it is control via iPhone dedycated to the HomeMatic system .
Is it possible to control the xcomfort system through ip-symcon and the iPhone (to control by ip-symcon and iPhone)?

for example, using a HomeMatic module (I do not know what module) that would communicate with the ip-symcon

Janusz L.

Just enter the WebFront URL on your iPhone and the iFront is being displayed (Screenshots - IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware).

I thought about software for iPhone.
Janusz L.

If you are a iPhone-developer feel free to connect your App via standard WSDL interface. If you’re don’t - we can not help you with this. :frowning:



there is no special software needed to control IPS via the iphone. It is already included. By entering the URL of your Webfront in the Safari-Brwoser of your Iphone the server will recognize the client as an iphone. The server gives you the appropriate view for you client back.

If you use a computer with a browser you will get another view by entering the same URL. The system has the capability to determine wich view ist best for your device.

Did you already check this out ? On my Iphone I have all buttons from my xcomfort I need (and much more).

I don`t need any extra software.


Dear Björn
I wanted the opinion of the person who uses solution of such an option.
How the server gives you the appropriate view for you client back?
Janusz L.


How the server gives you the appropriate view for you client back?

Thats pretty easy. I really don`t know how it is done in IPSymcon, because I am not a developper. But I know a little bit about programming. When you enter the URL in your Browser, a http-request will be sent to the IP-Adress. In such an http-request are a lot of attributes/fields within. And one of these attributes or fields is the declaration of your Browser. So the answer to your request are appropriate to your Browser.

Some better explanation: Here

With appropriate I meant the design/layout. Some time ago I used a WindowsMobilePhone and there was another style than now on my Iphone or on my Desktop / Laptop.