IP-Symcon 6.0 (Testing) & Google Assistant

Hi everyone,

Should I worry about the following error in IP-Symcon 6.0 (Testing)?

14-06-2021 13:29:16 | TimerPool | Google Assistant (ReportStateTimer):
Warning: Request limit for Google Assistant State Report is reached (0). in C:\ProgramData\Symcon\modules.store\de.symcon.googleassistant\Assistant\registry.php on line 203

I think you found an error, which will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for reporting!


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That’s why we try and use test builds. :wink:


The Google Assistant errors are gone (from the event list).

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Hi Paresy,

Since today all my Google Assistant scenes aren’t available anymore. The same scenes triggered from IPS directly do work. Google Assistant replies with something in the line of „… aren’t available. You can try to set up these devices again“.
Simple light commands behave normally.

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I have the same Problem, but ist in Symcon 5.5.
Is the Error by Google or Symcon?

I would like to know too :wink:

If I use „Activate Scene“ instead of „Scene“ it works. This make me think the problems lies with Google Assistant, which doesn’t respond to custom routines anymore. Is there some log or event I can check to verify this?

This morning everything is great again.
Will it have been Google !?

Correct, scenes that have an activation and deactivation script work. Nevertheless, the following message appears on the display:
One or more devices are not available, please set them up again.

This message also appears in all other areas - light, generic switches, etc.
They are also no longer displayed correctly in Goolge, whether they are off or on, usually offline immediately after pressing.

We didn’t change anything. It must have been an issue on Google’s side :slight_smile: