Ip camera with ip symcon

Hi I have a question ip camera how can I make it connect

have look at RTSP
use Google-translate or just look at the box with the configuration
otherwise use mjpg from the cam

Please read the documentation: Streams — IP-Symcon :: Automation Software

And: Please ask questions where you state what you already tried and what part is exactly not working. We try really hard to help customers, but you make it nearly impossible for us. I don’t know if it is a language barrier, but you tend to give zero information and wonder why we cannot help you.


if your cam supports ONVIF you can try the ONVIF module.


and what protocols does ip symcon support

have a look at the documentation: rtsp / mjpeg
you also can embed every html-site directly in the webfront: to save system, my 4 mjpeg-cams (mobile-config) are only in the webfront. so they don’t use computing time

it is for a camera with hd/4k that is a very good quality