iOS 14.3 | HomeKit not working

Dear Guys,
After upgrading my iPhone to iOS 14.3 and added Apple HomeKit „fresh install“ installed from module store, Apple Home App not showing the HomeKit Bridge and also after adding the code manually is keep loading and searching .
Note: My Windows 10 firewall is completely closed.
Please Advise!

I can’t confirm any issues with 14.3 which i also use myself. Therefore it has to be an issue with the firewall, your network setup (does it filter Multicast somehow?) or the configuration itself.

PS: I will close this duplicate here: iOS 14.3 can’t add accessories · Issue #91 · paresy/HomeKit · GitHub

Dear Paresy,
I want to confirm that there is something wrong maybe with the new IP-Symcon 5.5 latest update compatibility with the HomeKit. I’m sure because I deleted my Windows installation and tried to install a fresh install on Ubuntu with the same behavior.
Please note that the configuration is NOT a big story. Just installing the module from the module-store then activating the socket then add a switch for testing then apply. iOS keep searching for the bridge for a long time even also with adding the code manual.
Note: I installed GitHub - homebridge/homebridge: HomeKit support for the impatient in the same server and working fine without any problem. iOS was able to pair the bridge without any problem.
Please review and advise