Introduxe cyclic event in module development

I was working on a module to read variables and assign values to it. I want to add a cyclic event to a function in module.php to regularly update the value of variables after every 60 seconds.
Tried using register timer in a infinite loop that didnt work due to maximum script execution time.
Is there any other way to do it around i.e update value of variables after every 1 minute in a php module

Have you seen this? RegisterTimer — IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware

This will start a function in the given interval.


Yes i have tried this.Putting settimerinterval in infinite while loop just worked for once and it stopped updating the value after 3 minutes. I want to make it work like a cyclic event. Please help out.

$this->RegisterTimer("Timer", 60000, "prefix_YourFunction($this->InstanceID);");

public function YourFunction()

this will start your function cyclic every 60 seconds


This was quite helpful. :smiley:
Thanks to both

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