Intro questions


I’m about to start automating my house.
For some time, I was thinking about X-Comfort, but it is too costly.
So now I’m considering IP Symcon & FS20 as an option.

As my german is poor… is IPS available also in English?
Is there any documentation available in English?

In case that I can also get some overview about FS20 here on this forum, my first „trial“ application would be central unit and 1kW electrical heating in bathroom.
My understanding so far is that I need:

  • IP-Symcon
  • FHZ1300PC (here I’m not sure about differences between various FHZ units)
    and for the heating
  • FS20 STR unit
  • FS20 SU-2
    Is that correct?


IP-Symcon itself is available in english though the documentation is only available in german. You are free to try a translation service to see if it will fit your needs.

FHZ1300PC sound good.

The FS20 STR is not able to communicate with the FHZ1300PC. Only the FHT80b can be controlled (set point ect.)


Is there a list of components compatible with FHZ1300PC?


Each FS20 device is compatible with the FHZ1300PC. But the FS20 STR is not suited for your purpuse. A FS20 device can only send OR receive ON/OFF states. In this case you will only receive the actual ON/OFF values from the FS20 STR but cannot modify the behavoir of it. Therefore you could only visualize, but not control it.


Understood, thnks for answers. Somehow I didn’t realize that one-way-only communication applies.

I’ve read threads about FHT80b and no-valve operation.
My understanding is that it can operate without valve and it can indirectly control FS20 SU-2 actor if the central unit (PC) is up. Is that correct?

And one more question - is it possible to combine Moeller & FS20 together, controlled from one IPS?
E.g. using Moeller as a controller and FS20 as an actor?

Thats what IPS is build for. :wink: