Insert variables on specific date


I can’t find a way to do the following:

Is there a way to insert a valiable on a specific date?


My energy provider is givig me the operations costs daily 1 or days later than the specific day. So the enery costs of 18 januari are provided on the 19e or 20e. Is there a wat to insert that variable in the archive on that specific day? So that the graphs are correct?


I think,
AC_AddLoggedValues — IP-Symcon :: Automatisierungssoftware
is what you are looking for.


If the values are in the past you can add them to the archive, but you have to use AC_ReAggregateVariable after adding the values with AC_AddLoggedValues.

That does not work for values in the future. Then you have to use a string variable save the values as JSON and use for visualisation for example
MultiGraph mit GoogleChart


I’m doing the exact same thing now, getting last day or last hour energy consumption from my energy provider.
I have confirmed in the Archive module that I am inputting the correct values at the correct timestamps the day or hour before, but when I try to see the graph in webfront the values are wrong, or just showing 0. The variable is a float and set as Counter.

Do you have any idea why the graph is not displayed correctly?

AC_AddLoggedValues ( 30456 ,  55251 ,  [ 
    'TimeStamp'  =>  $timestamp , 
    'Value'  =>  $lasthour
  ] , 
] ) ;

AC_ReAggregateVariable ( 30456 ,  55251);

I made my own post about this just before I found this one:
Webfront graph showing wrong values.


Did you re aggregate after adding values?