Innovus Dimmer


When I adjust the light level on my Innovus dimmer, I can not see the new level in Symcon. is it possible to retrieve the information?
there is no problem if I adjust it on the website

Can you be a bit more specific, where exactly you do not see the new level?
Do you mean if you manually dim the light at the dimmer you wouldn’t see the new percentage value in IPS?

Hi Wupperi.

Yes when I manually press the dimmer, the new levels dont display in IPS.
first if I do a request Update it shows the new level.

I am totally new in IPS.

Ok, I understand now. This is normal behaviour as with z-wave (and a lot of other standards) some devices do not send their status back after local interaction, some do, but also very unreliable.

What I am doing is having a polling script which I assigned an event to, which triggers the script once every 5 minutes.

$id1 = 22641;
//other device IDs go here

$id1_status = ZW_requeststatus($id1);
//status requests for other devices go here

:slight_smile: Great now it works