Imagegrabber sending new pictures to firefox browser even if page is not visible


To show the camera pictures of my holiday house in Portugal I am using the imagegrabber that is connected to the camera’s ftp url for the latest picture. Among all the web-front pages I have a ‚Camera‘ page is showing the new picture every 10 seconds. The Portuguese Vodafone restricts my up and download to a maximum of 4 GB per month.

Now I have noticed that even if the Camera-page is not visible my Firefox browser is still downloading the picture every 10 seconds (JPG) in the background. In other words the bowser is loading new pictures and using bandwidth even when the picture is not visible because at the time I am looking at another page in the web-front. I know it’s nice if you switch to the camera-page and have the latest picture in front of you but all that time it has been downloading pictures nobody is looking at.

My question are:
Is it true that picture are beeing refreshed in the browser even if you are not looking at the picture (page is in the ‚background‘)?
If yes, how can I prevent it from doing this to save bytes and to stay within the 4GB a month?


Disable the automatic refresh in the ImageGrabber and add a script to trigger a manual refresh of the image.



Done this and it works (update button), thanks!

Would it be a nice thing to have for the 3.0 version if the refresh only happens when the the camera page (link to the imagegrabber) is vissible? Or is this a stupid question to ask looking at the way you have implemented it?