I have a problem with my xcomfort humidity sensor

The problem seems quite like to the problem reported in this thread: Trouble getting reading of Humidity

I get battery and signal strength readings, but not the humidity value. The message view reports a reply to the MXC_RequestStatus, but no value in ip-s. The reply is just a number

05.05.2016 22:11:00*| ScriptEngine*| Result for Event 57968

IP-Symcon 4.00, 24.04.2016, 05c0d71ac1c5

If i posted in the wrong forum, please move my post. My deutsch is not strong…


This is indeed a regression. I added a fixed version in the Testing Branch. On how to install see here: IP-Symcon 4.0.x (Beta)


Thank you very much for your quick reply! Much appreciated!

I now get the results from the 10 min. cyclic send from the sensor, but i get no result from MXC_RequestStatus. Is that expected? No big problem for me, but I find it odd…

Again, thanks!

regards Cinemarillion

That is expected. You get a TRUE for success and the values should get updated in the variables after the devices sends the response.