Howto monitor oil consumption

Hi all,

As part of my domotica project I would like to monitor the amount of oil being used for heating the house. In my house I do have an Oil heater from ROTEX (Model A1).

In my own opinion there a two different approaches:

  1. Measure the actual oil flow to the heater.
  2. Measure the time the oil pump on the heater is activated. (Calculate afterwards how much oil was used per minute)

I took the specification for the ROTEX heater and found out that it has a Danfoss oil pump on it. This oil pump has a solenoid which opens and cuts of the oil flow. So if I would be able to log the position of the solenoid I would affectively have the time the heater is using oil. The solenoid is 230volt operated.

I am setting up a new domotica solution. So far I have planned to use at least the following components

  1. HomeMatic Zentrale CCU 1
  2. HomeMatic HM-CC-TC Funk-Wandthermostat
  3. HomeMatic HM-CC-VD Funk-Stellantrieb
  4. HomeMatic HM-Sec-MDIR Bewegungsmelder
  5. HomeMatic Funk-Rauchmelder BidCoS
  6. MS windows machine running IP-Symcon
  7. MS windows machine running MS SQL server

Could someone give me an advice which components are best suited and should be added to the list above to monitor the oil consumption.



to monitor the oil-consumption i use the ekm-868 s0 modul. i took the 230v from h-counter (parallel to oil-burner) via a selfmade s0-interface (pic) to the ekm.
so i can count (by knowing oil-flow/h) oil in liter, content of tank…

Hi Axel,

Thanks for the response. In my situation there is no need to make it wireless. So I think there must be less expensive solution for my problem.