How to create a XML string to upload sensor data


Maybe I missed the topic in German, but how can I make a XML string (or file) to upload sensor data to a server of Bwired.

I couldn’t find the way to do this, maybe someone can help me to start with this.



look at this
i`m using it to generate a xml-file with data which is transfered separatly to my server by ftp-upload via php-script
and later displayed im my sip-phones
you can adapt it for your application

I managed to get this working with the help of Ludom and his PHP script on the Domoticaforum Europe. Because this script is specially made for uploading XML data to the BWired server I didn’t copy all the code to here.

But for the interested, see the link below:
Home Automation Domotica Forum Europe, Bwired Forum • View topic - Bwired Googlemaps upload data webservice

Thanks for the help with saving a XML file, I will try this soon for other purposes.