How to create a "light scene"?


As an absolute beginner, I’m unable to find how I should create a „light scene“. What I’m trying to accomplish is the following, i.e.:
„light scene: Watch TV“ → all lights in the living room are set to a predefined dim value.
„light scene: Go to bed“ → all lights are set to a predefined dim value, some lights are shut off after a delay.

Maybe there are some examples I can use?


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Hi Dennis,

have you check our Scene Control module, which should be available in the Module Store? You can define multiple Variables/Devices which are part of the scene and then save/restore the saved state.


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Thanks for your reply. That sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. :smiley:

I found a „Gruppensteuerung“ module, besides the „Szenensteuerung“ module in the Module store. That’s convenient too! :wink: