How to configure Z-Wave Düwi shutter switch (05436)

I have bought a Düwi Z-Wave shutter switch (05436).

But when I add it to ips it says it’s a Z-Wave dimmer :confused:

Does anyone have this device and can you please tell me what I must do to enable this as a shutter switch in ips??

The düwi shutter acts as a dimmer. Dim the instance and the blinds move to the desired position :).

Actually, I’m using the shutter switch as two separate on/off switches.

Can you tell me how to do that with the instance? Could you perhaps provide me with a script example?

That behavior is not supported by the düwi firmware.

Then unfortunately I have bought two of them and can throw them in the trash bin right away :mad:

What is it what you are trying to achieve?

I’m using the shutter switch as two separate on/off switches.

Two (different) things:

  1. I have an airco which can be controlled through two inputs. The inputs are potential-free (or dry) contacts. I want to be able to control those two inputs using Z-Wave. My intention was to use the contacts of the shutter switch because they are potential free. I can’t seem to find any other Z-Wave product which has potential free outputs.

  2. I want to control my mechanical ventilation. It can be switched in low, med, high fan position. I wanted to use the shutter switch to control the med/high fan state. There aren’t much (if any?) other Z-Wave device around which have multiple output switches.

It has been 1,5-2 years since I first looked at Z-Wave, but it seems more and more that there still isn’t much variety in available hardware :frowning:

I might be wrong with regards to adress your requirement, but using zw_dimset (id, int) you can make the device either power up the up or down terminal.

Knowing that 100% = 100% open (and 0% is closed) and also knowing your current value (e.g. 30%) you can power up the „down channel“ by issuing the command to dim 0%.

As far as I know the device however will latest after 2mins siwtch off all its terminals until the next command will be recieved.

Does this make sense?

Logically speaking I can find nothing wrong in your line of thoughts :slight_smile:

It doesn’t however seem to behave in that manner.

When I dim to 0% switch 2 is always ‚made/connected‘. When I then dim to 100% switch ‚1‘ is briefly connected and then instantly the neutral position is achieved.

So I cán switch one of them but the other position behaves not logically :confused:

Fortunately for me, I thought of another way which actually dóés work:

Before I want to use the switch I do the following:

-ZW_SwitchMode(52515 /[Z-Wave Dimmer (NodeID 007)]/, true);
-ZW_SwitchMode(52515 /[Z-Wave Dimmer (NodeID 007)]/, true);
-ZW_SwitchMode(52515 /[Z-Wave Dimmer (NodeID 007)]/, false);

After this I know for certain that the switch will always be in neutral position.

I can then execute either

-ZW_SwitchMode(52515 /[Z-Wave Dimmer (NodeID 007)]/, true);


-ZW_SwitchMode(52515 /[Z-Wave Dimmer (NodeID 007)]/, false);

to switch either contact 1 or contact 2.

So luckily I now can use the shutter switch as a dual switch with potential free contacts :slight_smile:

I’m writing this down here in case other people come accross the same problem and can read my solution. Not in the least elegant, but working nonetheless.

Update: I have installed the switches for the ventilation and the airco and everything is operating nicely.

For the ventilation I have a Düwi switch which turns the ventilation on/off. And a shutter switch for the fan speed.

Switch neutral --> low speed
Switch False --> medium speed
Switch True --> high speed.

For the airco I also have a Düwi shutter switch.

Switch neutral --> Airco off
Switch False --> Airco in Heating mode
Switch True --> Airco in Cooling mode

I am quite happy that the shutter switch can indeed be used as two separate potential free contacts. Mutual exclusive of course, but that’s not a problem in this case.

Thanks for documenting. I also put a link into the german language z-wave forum linking back to this thread.