How to add (teach/learn) Eltako sensors and weather station in IPS?


I’m trying to add an Eltako FBH63AP (motion/brightness) and an OPUS weatherstation (561.928, GN-WS-U24V), but can’t find how to add/learn them in IPS? Both are using the EnOcean protocol. The weatherstation has two IDs printed on the back. I’m missing the variables for Sun MAX, Sun South, Sun East, Sun west too. The Eltako FBH63AP seems to send illumination data, but fails to send motion data. Has anyone an idea where to look? Thanks!

OPUS weather station

One of the 2 IDs on the OPUS weather station has 7 digits. I had to put an extra 0 in front of the ID in IPS, so the total digits is 8. After that IPS receives signals from the weather station. I’m still missing some illumination values, not present in the IPS weather station instance. I assume the 2nd ID (in hex) represents the illumination values, and I need to add another instance to be able to receive the illumination values. But what instance?

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Have you checked the specs/manual which EEPs the device is using? That should help creating the two required instances.


Thanks for your reply. The problem is that I can’t find the manual and/or operating instructions, not even on the internet.
It should be „Elsner PO3“ compatible.

I’d suggest that you try to contact Jäger-Direkt (they manufacture/sell devices of the OPUS brand) if they can send it to you.


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I’ve send a request, let’s hope they will reply.


I think the OPUS GN-WS-U24V is the same as the Eltako FWS61-24V DC.

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This is the reply I received from Jäger-Direkt:

„Unfortunately we no longer have any documentation for this product. We can call them the EPP they are used. The component works with A5-13-01 and A5-13-02“

I think I tried that, but with bad results. It’s better to use the Eltako FWS61-24 DC.