HomeMatic Wired RS485-Dimmaktor Phasenabschnitt?

Hi, I really need a HomeMatic Wired RS485-Dimmaktor Phasenabschnitt. Does anyone know when eQ-3 will develop and produce this new RS485-dimmer/dimmaktor? I hope that everybody here agree with me that this procuct must become a reality? Can’t wait …

You have to ask eq-3, all other is „a glance in the crystal ball“. This forum is for the integration in IP-Symcon.

But you do Need to wait a Long time. Mayer You get Long Haie.

Or Switch over to eltako of xcomfort. That is much better.



Been waiting for that type of device since day one! But i doubt that we´ll see one of these in the near future as eq-3 seems to put more effort in developing RF devices :frowning: But who knows …

For the time being i´m using „HM-LC-Dim1T-FM“ as an alternative. Well, it´s an RF device and mounting these guys on a standardized rail in the electric distribution cabinet was a bit of a hassle but i found a quite good way using a DIY-retainer made out of a few screws, bolts and an aluminum plate. Now it actually looks like as if they were made for being mounted that way :slight_smile:
I dreaded that there´s gonna be RF interference from all the metal and live wires in the vicinity but turns out that´s not the case at all and the dimmers work to perfection.

It´s alright if you´re not that well-versed in using the English language but if your post(s) lack any kind of useful information i´d cordially like to ask you to keep 'em to yourself :wink: