Hide one action from visualization


Is it possble to hide one action from visualization? For instance, when using the „Scene Control“ module, you have two actions „save“ and „call“. For some scenes I would prefer if they can’t be overwritten by mistake by someone, because he/she used the „save“ function instead of the „call“ function. If I could hide the „save“ function in visualization that would help a lot.
The same thing could help when you don’t have an „on“ and „off“ function, but only an „on“ function.
I hope someone can point me in the right direction!


Sure. Just duplicate the variable profile and remove the association which you do not want. Then attach the new created profile to your variable. That’s all you need to do :slight_smile:


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This works :slight_smile:
If I remove variables from a variable profile, this has no consequences for the instance? I tried this before, but I also removed the variable from the instance. This created lots of errors in the log. So if I understand correctly, when I only remove the variable from the profile, and not the instance, this change has only consequences for visualization?

Yes. This is totally fine, because you are not modifying the default profile, but your custom one. Keep in mind that the correct vocabulary is to „remove an association from a variable profile“ :slight_smile: )

That is not allowed :slight_smile:



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I will keep that in mind. :wink:
Thanks for your reply! (once more)