Heating Control - Possible to modify temp range?

Hello !
i’m using IPS 4.0 to control the temp in an industrial hall, heated with aerotherms.
The preset temp range 15 to 25°C from the heating control module is not the best for this application.
It is possible to change the preset temp range from 8 to 18 on this module ?
If yes, how can I do that ?

Hello Patrick,

yes its possible but not as preset.
You have to do it everytime and for every heating control individually
The good thing is, that have to build up the wanted profile only once and then only reassign it for every heating control.

So doubleclick the variable and open the profile management („profile verwalten“).
Set up a new float profile with the configuration you want and save it.
Go back into the profile editing dialog and select the profile you just configured.

Now you got a profile you can reuse again even after deleting the heating control. This profile ist still saved.

More information are here in the documentation:

I hope thats a good compromise.


Thanks Pio :slight_smile:
Working fine !