Heating actuator CHAZ-01/12


I have the XComfort Eaton Heizungsaktor 12-fach CHAZ-01/12 in use for my water heated floors. The challenge is that the interface specifically written for this interface is not as feature rich as the generic heating module. What I am missing is the options for reducing the temperature when away, how to set the sensitivity to temperature changes, how to do a complete override of a lowered temperature out of schedule etc. All these functions are available in the generic heating control, but not here.

What will it take to use the generic heating control for this actuator? Is it possible?

Unfortunately this is not possible, as the heating control is only switching on/off, whereas the CHAZ-01/12 does control of the temperature itself. You can build a small script, which changes the temperature via MXC_SetTemperature when e.x. nobody is at home.


I have recently had xComfort installed in my second house and this time I have also included floor heating (Eaton Go Wireless Wireless heating). The products included in the bundle are CHAU-01/01-10E and CRCA-00/08 (actuator and room controller touch).
The product works out of the box and have been working fine, but when I wanted to include them into IPS, I’m not sure what to do.

Everything is presented like in the attachment, and I’ve tried to make some sort of logic to it, but I don’t even know what the variables are for :slight_smile:

Can anyone please help and give me a kickstart?

Thank you in advance.


Odd Reidar

The only thing you probably want to „override“ or set is the target value on the room control. The other values should only reflect what your devices are measuring or doing. Does that help?