Harman Kardon AVR Module

Dear Experts,
It would be interested if you can add Harman Kardon AVR module to control the AVR through the our amazing IP-Symcon. Please note that Harman Kardon is one of the best and famous AVRs in the market.
I found on GitHub its APIs at the link below
GitHub - KarimGeiger/HKAPI: API wrapper for Harman Kardon AVR with network capabilities and HK Remote support.
Good luck and waiting your kind reply …

Your research looks very good. As it seems that no one here has done anything on this matter nor has direct interest, you could try to build a PHP module yourself. Maybe have a look at our SDK and the several PHP modules that are around on GitHub.


Thanks Paresy for your answer. Can you kindly send me some helpful articles to build that module.