HA7Net as 1-Wire Lan module?


With the soon arrival of IP-Symcon 4.0 and the switch to LAN modules I am wondering if I can use the HA7Net that I have laying around. I have seen a 1-Wire Lan module in the Symcon Shop and now I am hoping that with it’s arrival I can also use the HA7Net (prices are almost the same). Would be at pity to buy an extra LAN-Module when I have the HA7Net laying around ;).

On the forum I found more persons with a HA7Net, maybe more are interested in this?

I found the HA7Net for sale in Germany @ www.fuchs-shop.com, about € 133,- excluding VAT.


I have checked the documentation and your HA7Net is based on some HTTP protocol. We are only supporting the official protocol, which the DS2480B is using, and the LINK45 products have incorporated as well. So no, it won’t work :frowning:

Though i think, that the HA7Net is supported by owfs? You could use owfs and connect it with scripts found in our forum :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply. I found the script based on OWFS and will look into this. I will also ask Embedded software about the official protocol and what there ideas are about this.