FTDI & IP Symcon 5


my attempt to upgrade my IP Symcon to 5.0 instance failed.
I means, upgrade went without trouble (it included Ubuntu 16 -> 18 and Symcon 4.4 -> 5) but I now discovered that since the upgrade FTDI does not work properly anymore.

Sent commands work well but received ones do not.
There’s a lot of received data in debug console of serial port, significantly less in debug console of FTDI and instances in IP Symcon receive data very very rarely (but they sometimes do!).

So I basically lost all FS20 based sensors.

Any advice?
Is it because of different FTDI driver version?
Which version should be used with Symcon 5?

There should be no difference. Linux fully abstracts the FTDI driver and all we see is a serial interface.


Meanwhile probably resolved.
In 4.4, I had FTDI and Serial Ports in IO instances.
In 5.0, it started to work when I changed the parent instance of FHZ from FTDI to Serial port