Fibaro FGSD-002 (EU v3.3)


Setting up my first z-wave smoke detector. Fibaro FGSD-002.
I have no experience with the z-wave protocol, at all…

Here is what I’ve done so far.

  1. IP Symcon is running on Raspberry Pi 3.

  2. Installed the RaZberry shield (following instructions in this forum)

  3. Set up the z-wave interface (LAN Gateway TCP/IP)

  4. Loaded the fibaro fgsd-002 smoke detectors

  5. Merged them with Z-wave Sensor instances

  6. The supported classes automatically assigned as this…
    brann module classes.PNG

  7. The instances now looks like this

  8. TEST:
    Before smoke:

    Alarm triggered:

I have so many questions right now…

  • What is this SensorAlarm (General) ??
  • What is Data (boolean) and (integer) ??
  • Why is the smokedetectors building variables Event (0), Event (2) under Alarm(0) ??
  • The SensorAlarm (Smoke) triggered when I tested it, returned value „true“. I was unable to trigger (Heat, > 60 deg.C)… Is this a parameter issue?
  • Do I need to enable the smoke detector somehow??
  • Have I done something wrong in this setup?

Does anybody have an working setup/tutorial on how to setup this in IP Symcon?

Feel free to answer i german :wink:

Best regards,

Found some parameter settings on this page:


Smoke Sensor | FIBARO Manuals

Is it as simple as „Edit parameter“ and force an wakeup, to set parameters?

Yes, that’s the correct way.